Yang-May is also planning a book version of Butterfly in Blue Jeans that will develop the story in more depth through a novelistic narrative.

As with her previous stage project, her autobiographical solo show Bound Feet Blues which she also wrote as a memoir in book form, the book version of the show will extend the reach of Butterfly in Blue Jeans. The book will be available to audiences who may be unable to attend the live performance.  Those who have seen the show may wish to immerse themselves more deeply in the story, history and themes explored in the stage version.

Bound Feet Blues, the book, sold out its first print run within two months of the show in Nov/ Dec 2015 and is now in further print runs. Yang-May’s event at the Oxford Literary Festival 2016 talking about both the book and the show was sold out with extra seating added for people queuing for returns. She has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek, BBC London and BBC World Service as well as BBC Radio Oxford talking about Bound Feet Blues. We expect continued media and public interest in her innovative dual-media theatre/ literary work such as Butterfly in Blue Jeans and the planned other titles in the trilogy, Taiping Traviata and Carmen Chong.



Photo: open book by imanka on (CCL com)